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MAJOR9 is a multi-entertainment company that aims to grow as a global company through cultural content.
Three companies have integrated as one to be the world’s leading multi-tainment company based in Asia : The Vibe who have long kept the top rank in Korea over 10 years; Gold Moon which has its producing know-hows based on various field experience; and Asakusa Games which is one of the top game company in Japan.

Based on rich experience in management, MAJOR9 will be the No.1 Company to grow as the leader to lead Culture Industry through developing various contents in the Entertainment industry and varying company businesses.



Affiliated MFK F&B


Establishment of MAJOR9 Japan (Japan Corp)

Establishment of M9 Academy

Sign contract with Casper

Opened ‘Suriya by Vibe’ in Suwon Inkye-dong

Establishment of MFK F&B

Moved company to a new building at Nonhyun-dong

Certified as a Venture Company


Establishment of Sub-label, ‘Indian Label’

Signed the music distribution contract with Genie Music


Park Sung Tae, Hwang Jung Moon appointed as CEO

Change the name of the company to MAJOR9

Establishment of The Vibe Label


Signed contract with Singer 4Men, Ben, MIII, Lim Se Jun

Change the name of the company to The Vibe Entertainment

Signed contract with Vibe


Establishment of corporation WhyWhoEnterprise

Signed contract with 4Men, Bebe Mignon, MIII, Lim Se Jun