2019. 9. 28

‘Malibu (Vacation)’ was produced by FRANCIS - a singer and a producer of three albums in 2019 who has surprised the public by ranking the second song of Yoon Min Soo Family from a program called [THE CALL 2], ‘Nom Nom Nom’, the top on music char - as a leading producer. The song gives us a sense of leaving for the blue ocean and entertains our ears with chill and cool music with the excitement of traveling.

The key of the album’s title track, ‘Malibu (Vacation)’, is the lyrics that gently and comfortably narrates along with the vocal of Woody who has his unique and free spirit.


1Malibu (Vacation) (Prod. By Francis)02:58
2Malibu (Vacation) (Prod. By Francis) (Inst.)02:58