Chief Producer

Ryu Jae-Hyun made VIBE the best vocal group of Korea

Ryu Jae-Hyun is the producer who teamed VIBE by discovering Yoon Min Su in 2001 and made it the best vocal group of the period. Apart from VIBE, he also produced multiple albums of SG Wannabe, FT Island, Gumi, Davici, which he was recognized as he was awarded as ‘the best album producer’ at SBS KPOP AWARD in 2005

Ryu Jae-Hyun recruited Nam Gyu-ri of the group See Ya himself, and was called the ‘Midas Hand’ of KPOP by teaming up Davici. Among his recognized project includes the ‘The man, the woman’ and ‘It’s alcohol’ of VIBE, ‘While Living along’ of SG WannaBe, ‘Love sick’ of FT Island, ‘Shoes’ of See Ya, ‘I hate you but because still I love you’ of Davici, ‘Even 10 years pass’ of the Sad Love Story and many more, which made him ‘the Hit Song Maker’ who has the most hit songs.

Ryu Jae-Hyun continued his career as the Main OST Producer of SBS and KBS and showed his wide spectrum of music and talents.


  • Producer of Major9

  • Vocal of Vibe

  • Producer of all albums of Vibe

  • Producer of BEN

  • Producer of 4MEN