Chief Producer

Yoon Min Su, ‘the best Vocalist’ of Korean R&B

Yoon Min su had his debut in 1998 at the age of 19, as ‘4men’ and was acknowledged by the public as ‘the best Vocalist’ as a member of Vibe. He then established WhyWho Enterprise and The Vibe Entertainment and expanded his career from a singer to CEO and a producer.

Yoon Min Su gained his success through producing the third successive group of ‘4MEN’ including Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo. Since then, he continued to find and train talented vocalists including BEN, MIII, and Lim Se Jun, which enabled him to re-write the history of Korean vocalists. He not only continued his career as singer and Producer but also the OST Song Producers of various Movies and Dramas and earned his achievements by releasing hit songs of Drama OST of , and .


  • Producer of Major9

  • Main Vocal of Vibe

  • Producer of all albums of Vibe

  • Professor and Dean of Applied Music of South Seoul Arts School

  • Former CEO of The Vibe Entertainment

  • Former CEO of The Vibe Label

  • Former CEO of WhyWho Enterprise

  • Former Lead Vocal of 4MEN

  • Producer of 4MEN, MIIII, BebeMignon (BEN), 1Piece, Lim Se Jun

  • Composer, Lyric writer, and Main Producer of Drama , , , , ,

  • OST Composer, Lyricist, and Producer of movie

  • Music Director of movie

  • Album Producer of multiple albums including Lyn, The Name, Lee Young Hyun, Lee Ye Jun, Seo Young Eun, Seo Ji Young, Dalshabet