Kim Dong Jun who had his first debut as the main vocal of ZE:A in 2010 with the song ‘Mazeltov’ was loved by many people with his sweet and yet uniquely powerful vocal. He then appeared at ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ where he showed him being a good athlete and having a strong desire for winning and earned a nickname of ‘athletic idol’.

Kim Dong Jun who challenged to be an actor through the 2011 Drama Special ‘Crossed the Bridge of Youngdo’ then continued his career as a singer and actor through appearing on ‘The Fugitive of Joseon’, ‘Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho’, ‘Shine Eun-soo’ and ‘Black’

  • Debut

    Crossed the Bridge of Youngdo (2011)

  • Born

    1992. 2. 11


  • 2021 MOVIE [A Way Station] Seung hyun part

  • 2020 JTBC [More Than Friends] On jun soo part

  • 2019 JTBC [Chief of Staff 2] Han do gyeong part

  • 2019 JTBC [Chief of Staff] Han do gyeong part

  • 2017 OCN [BLACK] Mansoo part

  • 2016 KBS [Shining EunSu] Yoon Sooho part

  • 2015 KBS [Neighborhood lawyer Jo DeulHo] Kim YuShin part

  • 2014 KBS [Climb the skies] TeaHo part

  • 2013 KBS [Clarification] MuMyung part

  • 2012 MOVIE [Office worker] RaHoon part

  • 2011 KBS [Cross Youngdo Bridge] Oh JiHoon part