Son So Mang who had her debut after building her basis on acting through play was recognized as an actress who has multiple charms from a chic image to an energetic image.

Son So Mang who started her career as an actress through a Drama ‘The Aide: People make the world go round’ continued her career through ‘Oh My Baby’ ‘Mr. Queen’, and a Movie ‘Way Station’

  • Debut

    People make the world go round’ (2019)

  • Born

    1991. 8. 22

2010 ~ 2021
Ambassador of Namwon City
80th Miss Chunhyang Contest
Commercial of KB Gookmin Bank

MV of Hyundai automobiles brilliant is

Ophelia, Desdemona, Cordelia from the play [Four men of Shakespeare]

Therapy student from the movie [Two Lights : Relumino]

Cha Yerin of Musical [Dream School]
Choi Se Yeon of play [I will marry on May]
Seon Young of play [Chuncheon, There]
Han Su Min of play [Criminal Season 4]
Suji of play [I can hear your voice]
Jo Sujin of KBS Drama [Queen of Mystery Season 2]

Lee Jin Ah of JTBC Drama [The Aide : People make the world go round]
Heroine of VIBE Single MV [Call me through this number]
Ambassador of 19th Korea Teenagers’ Movie Festival

Heroine of Woody Single MV [Nothing's gonna be changed]
Park So Mang of tvN Drama [Oh My Baby]
Servant Gang of tvN Drama [Mr.Queen]

Choi Eun Soo of movie [Way Station]