Kim Dong Jun who had his first debut as the main vocal of ZE:A in 2010 with the song ‘Mazeltov’ was loved by many people with his sweet and yet uniquely powerful vocal. He then appeared at ‘Idol Athletics Championships’ where he showed him being a good athlete and having a strong desire for winning and earned a nickname of ‘athletic idol’. He also appeared at a CCTV3 Entertainment Program “星光大道超级版” to attract the audience with colorful performance and solid vocal in live and won the first place. He then became the cover model of Chinese magazines proving his popularity in China.

After then, he challenged his career as an actor to show the wide spectrum of acting and received a big love as the rising star of K-Wave. In 2019, he showed his potential as a singer, solo artist, through a song titled ‘I’m sorry for not breaking up’ to be released as a responding song to BEN’s ‘Thank you for breaking up’ in 2019. He, then, continued to release his solo album ‘Around the age of twenty-nine’ and appealed himself to the public as a multi-playing entertainer.

Currently, he is participating in various fields while positively influencing others with good intention, appearing at SBS ‘Delicious Rendezvous’ and being the ambassador of ‘Teenagers Movie Festival’ and ‘Miral Charity Institue’.

  • Debut

    Mazeltov (2010)

  • Born

    1992. 2. 11