BEN had her debut as a female vocal group, Bebe Mignon, and became a solo artist in two years with a song titled ‘ Don’t leave today’.

BEN who has sweet vocal and yet high voice attracted the public to various competitions to gain fame and ranked the top on OST Chart with the song titled ‘Like a dream’ for 13 consecutive weeks to become ‘the Queen of OST’. Furthermore, she successfully played the role of Misa at the musical ‘Death Note’ as her debut in the musical industry.

Her song ‘In Love’ which was released in 2018 as a title song of her first solo album was recognized late, but progressively on Chart to dominate the yearly chart. Since then, BEN ranked top on the chart with her songs ‘180 degrees’, ‘Thank you for breaking up’, ‘Bad’ subsequently establish herself as the leading vocalist with unique expressions. Having joined at various Drama OST projects including ‘Mystic Popup Bar’, ‘Hyena’, ‘The Aide 2’, ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘Mr. Sunshine’, ‘Korean Odyssey’, ‘Because this is my first life’ and many more, she also earned the nickname ‘the fairy of OST’.

  • Debut

    Although I am short and not pretty (2010)

  • Born

    1991. 7. 30