Thank you for Goodbye

2019. 7. 3

How many people can there be to end the love, which lasted for a long time, at once.
The song ‘Thank you for Goodbye’ embraces the story of breaking up in a realistic tone with the clear and appealing voice of BEN.

The emotion which BEN has released plainly but sorrowfully in this season is about ‘Breaking up’.
The song ‘Thank you for Goodbye’, which tells us a real-life story of us pledging to end this relationship which we have continued to keep over time despite big and small conflicts and repeated misunderstandings, touches our heart with the lyrics of directly asking the lover to break up.

“Love eventually changes and we have changed too What’s the use of saying Goodbye all times Let’s break up, and no more, Right. Let’s finish it today”

To embrace even the small details of the emotions from the song, BEN recorded it with all the lights turned off and was immersed in the song. Eventually, the song touches the feelings of listeners, making them have a feeling of just having broken up, with the voice of BEN getting more emotional as the song reaches the end, which sounds nearly like crying by the end.


1Thank you for Goodbye4:14
2Thank you for Goodbye (Inst.)4:14