Off The Record

2020. 4. 26

Personal stories that many people who went through breaking up had kept in privacy…

All our stories of breaking up leave no trace at all, as they are always personal unless you voluntarily open them to others

The stories which are only kept in the heart of those who went through the breakup remain in the memories with different depth and shape by the person.

The new album of BEN ‘Off The Record’, which was released in April around the moment when two seasons meet, contains another sorrowful song about breaking up. Through the clear and appealing voice of BEN, the song, as its album title implies, demonstrates hidden stories and personal feelings which people may have kept in them while breaking up with the lover.


1I’m Fine (Feat. Jukjae)03:24
2If I05:52
4In your eyes3:25
5I'll Give My All To You4:05
6Thank you for Goodbye / 180 Degree4:48
7Bad (Inst.)3:38