Original Album
2018. 5. 8

In the first regular album, ‘RECIPE’, BEN aims to include a short moment that sometimes passes momentarily and sometimes remains for a long time with complicated emotions of loving, breaking up, longing for, and regretting. Also, a desire to wish those vivid emotions becoming not a painful image but a new start is present in the album.

The album RECIPE was completed with the even more colorful charms of BEN along with her beautiful and yet sorrowful voice by likening multiple feelings of loving, breaking up, being sad, and happy to a recipe. BEN, who has firmly made her specialties, now enabled another step for her potentiality through her deep understanding of ballads on farewell and rich emotions.


1Love Recipe (skit)01:58
2Love Recipe03:47
3Iced Coffee03:37
4Love, ing04:31
7My Name03:32
8Am I right?03:16
9Iced Coffee (Inst.)03:37
10Love, ing (Inst.)04:31