Original Album
2018. 10. 10

Yoon Min Soo and Ryu Jae Hyun have released their eighth regular album [ABOUT ME] after 2 years with the uniquely powerful and emotional feelings of VIBE. Acknowledged as Korea’s best vocal group and having sung to communicate with the public through emotions, VIBE is ready to deliver various emotions, even more delicately and plainly, in this album, which contrasts with their powerful vocals from the past.

The title of the album, ABOUT ME, has two significance: the story about VIBE and the story of each person listening to the song. In this season, fall which VIBE believes to be the time of feelings of loving, breaking up, and longing for get deeper, the group has shown an improved work with completion through their high sense of sympathy and deep understanding about the relationship.


1About Me05:09
2I want to rest03:24
3Not A Love04:11
4Where you are04:00
5Fall in Fall03:52
7Dear Stevie Wonder04:55
8Day of the light04:41
10About Me (Inst.)05:09
11I want to rest (Inst.)03:24
12Not A Love (Inst.)04:11