Repeat & Slur

Original Album
2016. 11. 15

In this album, which includes six new songs and 3 instrumentals, Yoon Min Soo and Ryu Jaehyun have included their songs to show the color of their music. Morover, it also includes songs that resemble the color of their first hit songs, including “Come back to me” and “For a long time”, to add the value of the album.

The title track “A Lonely Guy” is an R&B song that emphasizes the rhythm expressing the heart of a man criticizing himself for being lonely and missing his ex-lover after the breakup and not moving over. In particular, this is a song that demonstrates the unique color in the music of VIBE, the leader of K-Soul, as it was written, composed, and arranged by Ryu Jae Hyun of VIBE. This album particularly includes the color in the music of VIBE to be found in their songs like “Come back to me”, “For a long time”, “Drinking”, “Raining” from their second to seventh album - Part 1 [Repeat].


1Lonely Guy04:19
3DoReMiFaSolLaTiDo (With BEN)04:12
5NaNaNa (With Lim Se Jun, Young In)03:56
7Lonely Guy (Inst.)04:19
8Raining (Inst.)04:31
91 year, 365 days (Feat. Gumi) (Inst.)05:06