Original Album
2016. 4. 21

A fine vocalist group VIBE is back. VIBE came back with ‘Repeat’, the seventh regular album to be released after 2 years from its previous album, ‘Ritardando’! The title of this album, which signifies the repeat sign in music, implies that the vocals of VIBE are back for the fans who have longed for it with their years of absence in the industry and also that it would be the album to be repeated in the ears of listeners.

This seventh album which composes of 14 tracks was produced under the leadership of Ryu Jae Hyun and also appeals public with the participation of not only Chen from EXO, Gumi, Jung Yong-Hwa but also global artist R. Kelly. With the vibes of songs being younger than ever, this album contains a wide spectrum of music through various attempts in music to feel the style of VIBE from their early age. The trial of VIBE in music to challenge for something new, and yet keeping the color of VIBE, is again calling for a new trend in the K-POP industry.


11 year 365 days (Feat. Gumi)05:06
4No Pay Working (Feat. Jung Yong-Hwa of CNBLUE)04:10
5My All04:30
6Have a Drink03:37
8Lil’ Something (Acoustic Ver.) (Feat. CHEN of EXO)03:46
10Starbucks (Feat. Kim Suk)03:31
11Major & Minor (Why does my love always starts with Major and ends with Minor)05:04
12Banff of Canada04:04
13My Son05:28
14I Vow (Feat. R.Kelly & Shin Yong Jae & Lim Se Jun)03:54